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Welcome to Take 5!  

The Take 5 materials are designed to promote workplace health and productivity in a practical and innovative way.  An easy way to get started with Take 5 is to post items on a Bulletin Board in a common gathering area.  The great thing about the Take 5 program is that you decide what works for your workplace.

Please feel free to download and print these items as they are for your Workplace, consistent with the purchase you have made.

I hope you enjoy these materials and I thank you for your business!  Charlene
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READ FIRST ) How 2 Get Started with Take 5 TipSheet

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Creating Your Take 5 Bulletin Board TipSheet

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Contact Me for Your FREE Bulletin Board Banner or instructions to print one for your workplace, email info@worklifecafe.ca  or call 250.374.6826. Charlene 

Take 5 Works TipSheet

TS Take5 Works Tipsheet March 2015

This is the key TipSheet explaining the Power of Taking Small Healthy Breaks. Post this on your bulletin board, use to support a discussion about workplace health.


ABC’s of Habit Change TipSheet

TS ABC's of Habit Change

Often the biggest challenge with making a change is not motivation, it’s implementation.
This tipsheet provides a framework for successfully making a change.

Take 5 Bookmark



Take 5 Fortune Teller


this is a fun way to encourage people to take healthy breaks and change the conversation around workplace health.

How to Fold the Fortune Teller TipSheet


Fun & Better Health Mind Map


this is a great tool for encouraging people to think about ways to take healthy breaks, also a great lunch and learn or staff meeting activity.


Take 5 Mind Map



30 Day Goal Tracker Organizer

This is a great tool for 30 day Challenges!



Monthly Planner Organizer



Another tool for planning or tracking Take 5 or any other goal related activities!

Weeky Planner Organizer



Take 5 Coffee/Lunch Room Poster



Take 5 Ideas Poster


You can use this poster for to brainstorm ideas of healthy breaks suited to your workplace or your team, or print it in different sizes and post it for people to add their own ideas.  


Take 5 Certificate of Achievement

Use this Take 5 Certificate to recognize people who participate in Take 5.  These are great printed in color on good quality 8 1/2 ” by 11″ paper or by changing the layout to print 4 per page it’s a great size to insert in an envelope or attach to a gift card or just leave on someone’s desk.


Take 5 Participation Medals Just for Fun! 





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